Saturday, March 9, 2013

Help Families of SMA

Please continue to share Avery's story by updating your social networks, e-mailing all of your contacts, and talking to your friends/co-workers.   The more people who are aware of SMA, the less likely future children will be affected by SMA, and the more likely there will be a cure for Avery's friends who already have SMA! 

After Avery's diagnosis, Families of SMA sent her a care package that included many amazing things to help us get Avery around comfortably and keep her entertained. Items from FSMA pictured w/Avery include her radio flyer wagon which allowed her to breathe comfortably while we took her on walks, a lightweight cat ball which unlike other toys, Avery was able to grip and lift, and her pinwheel which she wouldn't take her eyes off of. 
You can help Families of SMA (Florida chapter) by buying this $10 Groupon:

For every 30 donations, two newly diagnosed families will receive extremely helpful care packages. 
Thank you as always for your continued love & support of Avery and all of her friends with SMA.

 Don't forget to share Avery's story by following & forwarding her blog, following her on Twitter (AveryBucketList) and Like her on Facebook (Averys Bucket List)!  The more people who are aware of SMA, the less likely future children will be affected by SMA, and the more likely there will be a cure for Avery's friends who already have SMA!


  1. Hi Mike and Laura, just here to support you guys, I do have a question as you probally know I live in Canada, is there anyway I can help?, with anything?, Avery has touched my heart and so have you guys, although we may not know each other or met in person, I look upon you two as friends and I wish to help out anyway I can, you can find me on facebook as Chris Poulin or email me at , I care for you and hope that each day may brings a little sunshine, there's not of words how we miss Avery,It still brings a tear to me when knowing she has left us, I said this before I wish I could take away your pain. Avery has done so much good in this world, that will be her legacy, she truly was a gift from God, and you are the most amazing people I have ever met, well sort of.. Again if there's any way I can help, please,please let me know, God Bless you both, much love from Chris in Kelowna BC, Canada

  2. Hi Mike and Laura, ,I was wondering, where can you get those bracelets that say Strike out against SMA?, I would really like one, it might help spread the message up here as well, anyways God Bless you both as Avery is in your heart she is in mine and thousands around the world, we all love you guys,Chris, in Kelowna BC, Canada, Much love to you both, I am always here for you,take care :)

  3. I cannot help it to feel sad every time I read one of your post, but also see how great people you two are. Avery must be feeling so proud of the hard work you continue making. God bless you Laura and Michael.

  4. Dearest Avery, there isn't a day that goes by that I don't remember your beautiful smile and the love your mommy and daddy have for you. When I go to heaven I want to meet you.

  5. Yeah!!!!!!! A new update for Avery! Her smile still makes realize how life short is and to hug my kids a little tighter each night. Always love to see new updates. Many prayers to you both for sharing her with us!

    Cheryl in Missouri

  6. Oh Sweet Baby Avery, somehow I missed this update from your Mommy and Daddy. I see the Groupon deal closed and 250+ were purchased. That is wonderful.

    I think of you every day - Mommy and Daddy, too - and send my love.

    Your SMAn Melissa xo