Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Happy 3rd Birthday Aviator


Three years ago today on November 11, 2011, you immediately brought so much joy into our lives and into our world.  Little did we know at that time, you'd grow up quickly and make a major impact on the lives of countless others throughout the world.  Thank you for gracing us with your presence and changing our lives and our world for the better.


Mommy & Daddy

If you feel so inclined, please consider making a donation in honor of Avery's birthday towards helping families battling SMA and finding a cure for SMA.

Sophia's Cure
Cure SMA

Please share Avery's story by updating your social networks, e-mailing all of your contacts, talking to your friends/co-workers, and definitely tell your Ob/GYN about Avery's story and maybe they'll routinely start offering SMA testing.  If we can help save a few of Avery's friends and their mommy, daddy, and loved ones from SMA, then Avery's life, while cut short in time, will continue to be fulfilling in stature.


  1. I never met Avery in person, but I came across this blog when she was still alive. I remember her and still think about the little baby who lived a life filled with love. The world is a better place because she was in it!

    1. I can't believe its been 3 years already! Baby Avery left such an impression on so many lives, including mine. You two should be forever proud! #NeverForget

  2. Thank you so much for sharing never before seen photos of little Avery. I've been following her story from the very beginning & I can't believe she is 3 already! Her short life was filled with so many good memories, even to the people who never knew her. I think of her often as she is unforgettable & God bless you for sharing her with us.

  3. Such a beautiful baby, and beautiful photos. You have touched so many lives with Avery's story. During my pregnancy last year, I did receive a test for SMA and immediately thought of your family. Avery blessed you for too short of a time, but she was lucky to have such loving parents. Happy Birthday, Avery!

  4. Hi Avery, I just wanted you to know that I'll be participating in this year's Bravery Run, I can't wait for it!!, God bless you little one and your family, sending all my prayers and love from Kelowna BC, Canada.. I love your timeline facebook page, I read and will continue to look at it, it makes me see the world in a different light.. Thank you for that gift.. I will continue to help/donate the fight against SMA, Thank you Avery for being here, Bless you.. Always.. Before I go a special hi to your little brother Carter.. Watch over him.. God bless you Avery and family always.. Your friend Chris :) Thank you Mom and Dad, for your continous effort for SMA awareness and the facebook page, Avery's blog.. everything.. Thank you.. I am here for you as well any time.. Bless you..

  5. Happy 4th Birthday Avery (11/11/15)..I think of you often and reflect on how much you've impacted my life!

  6. Happy birthday Avery, I will always remember your birthday as this is the day we remember the brave who gave their life for us and you gave yours for us to SMA. Bless you on your birthday Avery :)